Computer Games  

New Update: My son turned me on to XBOX Game Pass....specifically HALO: MASTER CHIEF that is fun. I highly recommend it....My Grandson also turned me on to WAR FRAME on Steam...I haven't really had the time to  play it, but it looks really good..He said the would teach



The first computer games I started playing were Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and later Quake.

These were very addictive and I played them as much as I could. In the early days of DOS, it was easy to put them on my work computers and play them in my spare time. Of course keeping them hidden from prying eyes was a challenge but usually I set up my computer at work so it wasn't too difficult.

I worked for a company that used a Unix based system and there was a game that you could play which was a take off on the first Star Wars movie. It was a true 3D game but without solids rendering, basically a vector game. You battled Tie fighters and tried to blow up the Death Star. There was another game on these Unix based system that was a word game, not graphical. It gave you a scenario, you answered some questions, i.e. your input was 'turn right', then it would change the scenario and give you more questions. That's all I remember about it but I do remember it was fun to play.

That's the main thing to me is having fun playing a game. If it doesn't have a good story and the interaction is too difficult, I find them boring.

When I finally got a home PC, I of course had all the latest games, mostly free as I couldn't  afford PC games. And what the hell, if you could get it free or hacked in those days, then why not. Of course as I've gotten older I realize the importance of 'paying' for my games...

Anyway much later on I found America's Army. This was the first game I played with people online. This game had great maps and the interaction with other people was tremendous. Of course you had to have Teamspeak, chat was ok but actually talking to people was really crazy. Then I discovered CLANS!...In America's Army the map to play was PIPELINE. I played for hours at home to the consternation of my wife . I then started playing with a clan called NCN....which stood for NO CLAN NEEDED. These guys were the best. Even their lower rated players could kick you ass. The more I played and interacted with these guys, the better my skills became. I eventually was asked to join and of course to have the [NCN] tag in front of you name was a big deal.

Eventually the game started to change and they updated the maps and the game play to make it more 'real' as in actual Army combat, i.e. the training and the scenarios. It became tedious to me to play and I lost interest.

Now I mostly play Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo2, Aliens vs Predators and Doom 3. I'm showing my age, as I can't play console games, cause my grandkids can kick my ass....:)