2001 A Space Odyssey "The making of a Myth"

I just watched the above show on Amazon. This show basically shows how they made the film with interviews with the people that actually made the magic on the screen before digital. The interviews were pretty standard stuff about how secretive and weird Kubirk was and the difficulty in making the movie.

What really bothered me about this is where these people start talking about the way the Hal-9000 was working in the plot of the movie. Somehow these people think that Hal-9000 was acting out of self preservation when he killed the sleeping scientists and one of the astronauts. Basically his actions, were normal for an autonomous computer. Very justified and understandable.


BUT, the actions of the remaining crew member, who had to disconnect Hal-9000, in order to survive was tantamount to 'violence' and 'rape' of Hal-9000 buy a male.

Never mind that HAL-9000 ACTUALLY MURDERED other crew members and if Keir Dullea hadn't acted, Hal-9000 would have murdered him!

Just goes to show you how these people think, which is very disturbing to me. And there are alot of them out there.

What do you think? Please watch the film and let me know.

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