Be Afraid, be very, very afraid...

With the political climate such as it is, I've decided to scrub my website, of Google and Twitter. I've replaced them with DuckDuckGo and ASK and the Internet Archive. I'm working on removing and to stop using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other Marxist, Leftist, DemoRAT platforms. These Orwellian Oligarchs are using 'Section 230 which provides immunity to social media companies like Facebook and Twitter TWTR -1.6% against being sued over the content on their site. This allows them to operate and flourish without needing to moderate content.'

In other words they can do what they like and to hell with you.

I'm too old to worry about this crap anymore and with the outcome of stolen election becoming fact, the Oligarchs will make sure that only their side is heard....It's coming people, OHHH it's coming.

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