Don't speak ill of the dead,,,,but....

I've always been taught to not speak ill of the dead as they will get their just rewards in the end.

Having said that, I will still do my best and let others do the talking from when John McCain was still alive.

Most have read some recounting of tales of how he endured valiantly, under extreme duress during his time as a POW in Vietnam and how he became this 'Maverick' of a politician as a senator.

But few have heard or read the following accounts from fellow POWs and from family members trying to bring their loved ones home and Mr. McCain's efforts to silence them.

The following is an article that all should read and in the end, come to their own conclusions, is from a former POW who tried to escape from prison not once but twice.

The second is from a former POW that doesn't paint a good picture of the politician McCain.

Having done so, to both accounts, I have a very different opinion of McCain. Quiet frankly I'm glad he's gone.

But you be the judge and come to your own conclusions.

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