History...envisioned or a different timeline

I've been watching the show 'The Men who Built America'. It was curiously produced, partially by Leonardo DiCaprio. I take it because of his role in The Revanent. The first two episodes were watchable but I really wanted to see how they treated Andrew Jackson. Well it was I suspected it. The shows producers pointedly made an attempt at showcasing Jackson's ruthlessness at The battle of Horseshoe Bend and the killing and burning of men, women and children of the Red Sticks. And how this affected Davy Crocket and his relationship with Jackson. They 'briefly' touched on the massacre at Ft.Mins where over 500 men, women, and children were murdered by the Red Sticks. This was the reason there was so much death and destruction of the Red Sticks. But the producers too not mention that again, only to show the ruthlessness of Jackson. All so they claimed that Jackson singlehandly brought back slavery as it had almost disappeared after the revolution. Because Jackson after his service became a land speculator and saw an advantage of the newly won land to be sold to white wealthy plantation owners and hence was responsible for the slavery of the south. This episode was so one sided as to make Andrew Jackson look like a heathen. Terrible episode....

I'm not saying the Jackson wasn't a ruthlessly harden frontiersman, nor that some of his actions weren't, by today's standards, harsh. But I think the producers and writers went overboard in their depiction of the man. It certainly wasn't evenhanded. I sure hope, in my lifetime, that his picture won't be taken off the $20 bill. But, sadly, this is the timeline I'm living in.

And yes, I believe that a 'timeline' shift has occurred..

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