I retired from work in 2016. On my exit from my last day on the job, I posted a farewell letter to my soon to be employers. Some thought it was unique and funny, some on the other hand didn't take kindly to my HONEST parting words. Here for your enjoyment or not, is that email I sent to the ENITRE DOE. (I actually only wanted to send it to the folks of the SPR, but mistakes happen, Oh Well!)..

Thinking of Bilbo and his party speech.

‘Today is my announcement that I am RETIRING: I will be 66 on the 16th! I hope you have enjoyed yourselves as much as I have. I shall not make this long, First of all, to tell you that I am immensely fond of SOME of you, and that 15 years is too short a time to work among SOME excellent and admirable Government workers. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.’

I know that I have left the SPR in a better position, CADD speaking, than when I arrived.

Special mention to my boss & friend Brenda and the crew of the AS-BUILT group. Brenda has run the as-built group, fighting managerial incompetence, SAP (Stop-All-Progress) integration, lack of support of engineers/management, with due diligence and exceptional work ethic. I could go on to detail the last 15 years, but it’s a waste of my time.

Well there it is! I’m leaving now. GOODBYE!

Since that time, I posted something on my LINKIN account, expounding on my time at the SPR.....

 Some people hide their honesty, cloaking it in their professional life, in order to project  a sense of 'professionalism' that belies their 'true' feelings. When I left Fluor Federal, retiring after turning 66, I left with a sense of accomplishment as I had  left the SPR in a better position, CADD speaking, than when I arrived. Bryan Mound Mechanical is completely 3D, and the Foundation Location Plans are 80% complete. The DEGAS plant is completely 3D (and still waiting for Engineering to wake up to that fact. And all Mechanical drawings ARE based off the models) The main pipeway and Cavern 102 at Bayou Choctaw is completely 3d as is the Raw Water Intake Structure at Big Hill (Which was done years ago). My work on the Cadd drafting standards, the building of SMART P&ID’s, the creation/managing of over 2500 3d models is the highlight of my time at the SPR.

Not to mention being the CHECKER of all drawings!

I then gave kudos and accolades to my co-workers, but I was brutally honest about some of the engineering staff and management. Some say that I burned my bridges, but I couldn't depart without being totally honest about that group, i.e. the former DM management and their conniving ways of backstabbing and feathering their caps with their agendas.

I'd rather be an honest man than a phony.

Honesty....something that is surely lacking these days.....

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