I can't remember...

Many years ago, before cell phones and I believe it might have been when I was stationed overseas, I read a SciFi book about a psychiatrist/detective that was hunting an assassin who was killing famous important people. Now this book takes place in the future and the assassin has what I remember as a spaceship called 'The Whisper Ship' that was attuned to the assassin, i.e. they were connected. If the assassin moved away from the ship he would lose all his access to the weapons.

The assassin wanted to start a war because of some ancient slight to his 'people' and he had all kinds of exotic ancient weapons. One of these was a small army shrunk to miniature, wanting for eons for a commander to re-size them and fight a battle.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the author or the name of the book.

Wish I could, it's been a very long time.

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