No I'm not crazy or getting senile in my old age......

Some if not all my children seem to question my sanity in my old age because of my posts and ramblings about there being structures and civilizations on the Moon and the Solar System. Or my belief that there are 'other' beings hiding in plane sight around us, i.e. Reptilians, Greys, and other assorted beings. Or that the 'real' world is not what it seems. Or that the Secret Space Program really does exist and that there are huge space ships in our galaxy in close proximity of Earth. Or that there are 'black programs' that use technology 50 years ahead of what we see now. Or that there are massive underground facilities all over the USA that are used by the 'secret' powers that be. Or that we are merely pawns in the great scheme of things. Or that the solar system is inhabited by a multitude of races. (Oh I already touched on that). Or that I wanted to sell OFF-World Mineral Leases.

It seems my affliction is due to my friendship with the likes of John Lear, Ron Schmidt (Zorgon), Lou Baldin, etc. etc. ect. and old age. Well I could go on and on, but that would confirm my children's belief that their old man has lost it.... Or drinks too much wine and my new found favorite, Jameson.

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