Numbers don't Lie...(think about it)

The following numbers are from 2017-2018....long before this Pandemic (roll the eyes)

(US numbers except for Famine which are world numbers)

Diseases/other DEATHS (Yearly)

Influenza 24,000-62,000

Famine 25,000 (each day) or 9,125,000 (world)

Car accidents 1,300,000

Cardiovascular 902,270

Cancers 699,394

Dementia 258,587

Respiratory 196,983

Digestive 114,419

Now these numbers are from the CDC and other world health organizations, NOT MINE....

Another little number you need to think about. How many hospitals get money from the Federal Government for listing a 'death do to Covid'??????? I've heard at least $25,000 per body.....'s a game keep the masses in check.

First stop people from going to work.

Second stop businesses from opening.

Third start handing out checks for i.e. rent, food...

I could go on an on....but if you don't get it by now.....well...we're DOOMED CHARLIE BROWN, WE'RE DOOMED..

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