Pegasus needs your HELP!...

Dear friends and Pegasus readers; We need your help!

    For the last few months over the summer I have been ill. The oppressive heat we have had with little air movement made it worse. Because of this I have not been posting updates and new material for some time. With the AC unit going out twice we have been fairly stressed out financially...   So I am reaching out to friends and members for a little help.

    Since we began, we have been running Pegasus Research Consortium, out of our own pockets and we have never charged for any of the material we have collected and presented. We have not required a subscription even though it has been considered. We get a small revenue from a few scattered text ads that are non-obtrusive and a few banner ads from affiliates and friends, but for the most part our website is ad free.

    Recently we have found that the costs to keep the site running and the time invested to keep material up to date has been a major issue. I run the entire main site and provide all of its content largely by myself and few loyal forum staff that help out in their personal time for no monetary return, but I am retired and on a fixed limited income now.

    Our statistics show that our site gets an average of 60-80,000 unique hits per month; our current traffic is well over 4 million views a month. Many people have taken and used content from our site; often times not even giving credit to us or linking back to our site. So we are now reaching out to our viewers for a little help.

    If every one of those people that found value in our material would be willing to chip in $5.00 or even just a single $1.00 JUST ONE TIME it would help us immensely. Even that $1.00 just ONCE from everyone that visits Pegasus would solve all our problems and even allow us to hire some one to help with the site's maintenance.

    Even if you cannot donate, please at least help us get the word out and share this with your friends and on your Facebook time-line.

   This is the GOFUNDME link that replaces the previous expired link.  You can also use our new PaypalMe direct link and send as friend (no fees that way - Paypal charges 35 cents for a $1.00 gift otherwise). This link come up as Land of legends Gallery, which is my main account.  paypal doesw now require an account to send money, they never did before. For those that prefer old school methods here is our mailing address;         Pegasus Research Consortium         c/o Ron Schmidt         2585 palma Vista Ave         Las Vegas, NV, 89121

Please help keep Pegasus alive and thank you so much for your support!

Thank you, Ron Schmidt

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