Plaquemines Parish...a look at numbers.

I don't usually overtly talk about local politics as I know from experience growing up in New Iberia, that vocally, i.e. putting campaign signs in your yard or getting into heated discussions with local people (except for close friends) can lead you to having a target on your back which results in unwanted and disastrous effect on you and your family.

But with the elections fast approaching and some very heated races taking place, I thought I'd take a look at the actual numbers to see if my impressions about the local situation was/is correct.

I went to a website called DATA USA and take a look at the current numbers.

What stands out is the actual population of 23,584! That's not a lot of people for an entire parish!..Next look at the poverty rate!...17.2% of 23584 people are at or below the poverty rate!!! So of the 23584 residents, a little over 4000 people are considered poor! Shameful in my opinion. The next number that stands out to me is the number of employees! Close to 10,000 of the 23,584 residents work. But for a detail of the real numbers, you need to go to the next page of DATA USA's website. At the bottom of the page on their website, just hit READ MORE.

Another eye opener is the Wage by Gender in Common Jobs...Men make an average of $51,814. Women, doing the same type of jobs make $39,580! Now I know that experience is a factor, but come on, this is ridiculous.

Now to finish this up. JOBS, here we look at EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRIES.

The highest is:

Health Care and Social Assistance at 9.6%

Construction 9.3%

Public Administration 9.1%

there are more, but the numbers are pretty low.

I guess the gist of what I'm saying is, Plaquemines Parish needs JOBS, INDUSTRY, Good paying JOBS, for both men AND WOMEN. It's a shame when the highest percentage of employment is Health Care and SOCIAL ASSISTANCE!!!!!

(you may disagree with me but numbers don't lie)

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